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Involving New Traders with Attractive Chart


Stop fading the token's price and create a sustainable growth basis.

Special Program

Attractive chart

Main Steps

  • The BeLiquid team has built a 3-step strategy, which aims to stabilize the token's price, provide the impact to the organic activity and keep the result at a new level.
  • The strategy's action plan has time and budget details. The main tools were price protection instruments, support, and resistant lines with a growing chart pattern.
  • The team successfully stopped the decline of a token price due to correct order management and began trade activation tactics.
  • After our experts have reached the first results of the growing trade activity, Beliquid has switched to the support mode.
  • New organic users have provided a higher volume of trade, so the chart was free of an extra budget for support.
  • Beliquid team has stayed with the project to monitor liquidity health parameters.
  • Result

    Organic trade became more frequent and natural, positive price dynamics attracted professional traders. Using a reasonable initial budget for push, Beliquid team supported the attractiveness a of the project and has level-up the liquidity.

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