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Saving Budget due to Smart Buy-back Strategy


BeLiquid aims to buy back tokens distributed during the airdrop for low prices to enable the further growth of 
the token's value.

Special Program


Main Steps

  • The BeLiquid market-making team analyzed the project's tokenomics and designed an effective buy-back strategy.
  • Beliquid experts monitored the volume of tokens supplied to the exchange wallet via blockchain to understand the perfect moment to buy.
  • The rising volume of the liquidity hints that sellers were ready to deal. The algorithm stayed at the determined price position longer without boosting a price while we buy-back a maximum number of tokens for the minimal price.
  • Constantly analyzing demand and offer, plus additional marketing activities, allow our team to make further decisions about the price strategy.
  • The combination of tools and intelligent strategy resulted in the successful buy-back of 1 450 000 tokens with USDT 8 410 savings.
  • Result — savings of USDT 8 410

    The team of market-makers has bought back 1 450 000 Tokens for an average price of 0,0092 while market price was 0,015. The final budget of the buy-back program is USDT 13 340 instead of USDT 21 750.

    As a result, BeLiquid succeeded in saving 8410 USDT. 

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